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Is it really free?
Yes. Here you will not see the universal symbol for "not really"... the asterisk.
Who can create a profile?
Anyone who owns an RV, tent or campground can create a profile. These are essentially camping profiles so we really don't care what you camp in.
How do I add pictures to my profile?
When you edit your profile, you will see the option to add pictures.
Can I link to my personal site?
You can link to your personal RV or camping related blog. You may link to your non-commercial Facebook page if you do not have a blog. You cannot link to a site where the primary focus is commercial content. See the next question for a definition of commercial content.
What is commercial content?
Any site where the primary focus is to offer a product or service for sale or rent, or has some money making opportunity advertised is considered commercial content. If your personal RV blog has AdSense ads, Amazon ads or links to other commercial sites, that is OK... but the primary focus of your blog must be RV or camping related.
Are there any exceptions to linking to commercial sites?
Yes. RV Park and campground owners may link to the park's web site. That is the ONLY exception.
How do I report an inappropriate link or profile?
Simply log in to your account and go to the offending profile. You will see a "Report" button below the profile. Click that and it will notify us.
Where can I get my RV Number decal, license plate, etc?
You can use your local printer, find an eBay seller or use Build-A-Sign. For more information, visit this page.
How should my RV Number be displayed or advertised?
You can add it to your forum signature, post it on your blog, share it on Facebook or anywhere else you'd like. The direct link to your profile is found on your profile page, but it looks like http://RVnumber.com?702 (replace the number 702 with your RV number). If you want a decal or sign, visit this page to see your display options.
Can I send a message to a profile owner?
If they have opted to show their email address, you can email them. Otherwise, you can leave them a comment below their profile.
Can I be notified if someone leaves a comment on my profile page?
Yes. You must enter a comment yourself on your profile page and include your email address (you can opt to hide it). Check the option "Notify me about new comments on this page" and submit the comment. From that point on, you will get an automated email telling you if someone left a comment on your page.
Can I edit my RV Number profile?
Yes. When you log in, you will be presented with the option to edit your profile. Any time you are logged in and you view your own profile, you will see a link that says "Edit this profile".
I forgot my password!
No worries. Just visit this page and you can have it sent to you.
I never received my password.
Any number of things can cause your email to not arrive safely in your inbox. The most common issue is that it ended up in your spam folder, so be sure to check there. If you visited this page and requested it to be resent again, and you still didn't get it, send us an email and let us know. We'll get you going.
Why are there ads on the site?
These ads allow us to offer this service at no cost to the users. When you click on an ad, we earn a few pennies. The system is designed to show you ads relative to the content found on the page the ad is seen. This isn't perfect but it does a good job overall.
Why happens to people who break the rules?
If someone links to a commercial site, we simply remove the link and make their profile so they can no longer edit it. If they post spam or offensive content, we ban them by email and IP address and block the profile from being viewed.
I left a comment and it said it was spam. What can I do?
The system checks every comment and evaluates it for spam content. If it thinks it is spam, it flags the comment and prevents you from making any more comments. We look at all flagged comments and if they aren't spam, we will fix it. If it was spam, then the commenting ban remains.
Somebody left a mean comment. Can it be removed?
Yes. Send us your profile number and tell us about the offending comment. We can remove it if it really is inappropriate.

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