Order Your RV Number Decal

Get a quality vinyl decal, bumper sticker, license plate or plaque!

You can share your RV number any way you like. Some campers have it printed on their business cards, some place a vinyl decal on their RV, others use a custom bumper sticker, a custom sign, a clear static cling window decal, a custom license plate or even a nice sign to attach to their ladder. These and other choices are up to you!

Here are two ways to have your sign look. We ask that you use only these designs so there is uniformity and your fellow RVers will know what to look for. Make sure to use YOUR correct RV number!
RV Number Decal Samples

A suggested size for vinyl lettering is 4" x 10". You can use any size and color you want but remember to make it easy to read for people walking by your camper or while traveling down the road. Also keep in mind that anything red, orange or yellow will quickly fade out in the sun. Blues and blacks make the best choice for color. You can use your favorite local printer, sign shop, eBay seller or you can order safely and securely from Build-A-Sign.

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